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Maths Tutor for Students in Winchester and Southampton

If you are looking for a reliable tutor who offers expert maths tuition in Winchester, Southampton, or the surrounding areas, then contact Chris Barber Tuition today.


Comprehensive Maths Tuition

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A-Level Maths Tuition

I provide private Maths tuition for students who are preparing to sit A-Level examinations.  As a facilitator of learning, my principal objective is to provide students with the knowledge and tools to solve problems and then to encourage students to solve them on their own, providing support and guidance where needed.   By explaining difficult concepts in a clear and concise manner, my students become more confident in the subject and their mathematical abilities.

Math Homework

Confidence is Key

If you are finding any aspect of your A-Level Maths syllabus difficult to comprehend then I can help.  I am a firm believer that confidence is the key to examination success and, through repeated practice in specific focus areas, I can instil that confidence.  Relating the style and nature of examination questions to the knowledge and understanding gained in the classroom is a key facet of my tutoring style.  My students can sit their examinations confident in the knowledge that they are well-prepared.


The Word from my Students

"Chris was a brilliant tutor who helped me in both my GCSE and A level Maths. I would highly recommend him to anyone who is struggling with maths as he helped me by explaining the more difficult concepts so that they were easy to understand and my ability to answer the more difficult maths questions and problems improved. I was more confident going into all my exams and achieved the grades I was hoping for, including an A* in GCSE Further Maths."

Grace B

"Chris is a very enthusiastic tutor, who helped me to understand and simplify the concepts I needed to know, and helped me gain confidence in answering exam questions. Every lesson was well structured and was tailored specifically to my needs. I would highly recommend Chris as a tutor for maths whether you're looking for support throughout the year or before exams."

Adam L

"Being tutored by Chris was a great experience that almost certainly allowed me to take my grades in A level maths to the next level. I feel confident saying that without this extra help and guidance, my final grades would have been a lot worse off. An overall great tutor that helped make maths fun for me, and I would recommend him for anyone who wants to improve their grades."

Edward C


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I offer comprehensive maths tuition for A-Level students in the South Hampton and Winchester areas. I also offer A-Level physics tuition for students. Whether you need help with both subjects or just one, I can help! Check out my fees and physics tuition.